me and my arrows…

me and my arrows…

the Project Quilting challenge this month was to “make it a mini.” or make a quilt that measures less than 24″X24″ all around. one of my fellow Project Quilters upped the antie a bit and suggested some of us make !four! mini quilts this month. of course I was in. and then things just happened and I ended up with SIX MINI QUILTS! all arrows. they were pretty fun to make. here they are:

six arrows

I used the tutorial on Grace and Favour to piece the arrows. then I quilted them with 50 weight variegated rainbow aurifil thread. then I finished them by couching a nice black yarn with a zig-zag stitch around the edges. I loved the effect that made! each arrow quilt measures appx 5″X22″ all around.

I used these curtain-hanger clips to arrange them on a dow rod, and !voila! They look pretty nice over my fireplace, but I may end up selling them. I may even make more…these were pretty fun!

six arrows 3 six arrows 2

and that completes my goal for September! linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes.

thanks for reading!

erin faller

september goal

september goal

for September, I’ve decided to make the goal of completing the off-season Project Quilting challenge: Make it a Mini


thanks to Terry Truesdale–a fellow project quilter– for upping the antie on this one and giving me the idea.

For those of you who don’t know, the Project Quilting challenge this month is to make a mini quilt, which is defined as a quilt smaller than 24″X24.” Which means my goal for this month is to complete four small quilts!

Wish me luck!!!

lady in red

lady in red

Project Quilting’s challenge this month was to do a quilt in only red and white. I decided to use it as a way to practice some of my free-motion quilting techiques, and here is what I came up with:

lady in red 1

I am calling it “lady in red.” I made her here on the banks of the muddy Susquehanna in Duncannon, PA, and she measures about 9.5″X18.5.”

Here’s a close-up:

lady in red 2

I used two different fabrics for the lady: one solid red fabric, and then another red with white stars. I used fusible web to do some raw edge applique, and then free-motion quilted the snot out of her. This was a fun little quilt to make. I see more small art quilts in my future.

Thanks for reading!

catching up with Globetrotting

catching up with Globetrotting

I started Pat Sloan’s Globetrotting block-of-the-month quilt in January and randomly stopped in April. I’m thinking I probably got distracted by my garden and pool! So I spent my free time the past few days catching up with blocks from May, June, July, and August. If you’re not familiar, the quilt-along is pretty awesome. Lots of people are doing it, it is free, each month a different block pattern is posted, and each of the blocks have been inspired by a different city.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

January – Washington D.C.

globetrotting washington dc

February – Venice, Italy

globetrotting venice

March – Chicago

globetrotting chicago

April – San Juan, Puerto Rico

globetrotting san juan

May – London, England

globetrotting london

June – St. Louis, Missouri

globetrotting st louis

July – Sydney, Australia

globetrotting sydney

August – Paris, France

globetrotting paris

which means I’m caught up! just waiting to see what Pat has in store for us in September.

Here is what they look like all together up on my design wall:

globetrotting progress august

pretty fun!

Everyone in the group is using the same patterns, but different fabrics. The differences are amazing. You can see all the variety by following this link to the flickr group. Enjoy!

buggy baby quilt finish!

buggy baby quilt finish!

I’m happy to announce that the BUGS baby quilt has been finished and has made it to it’s new home. Here are some pics of the completed project:

IMG_1902IMG_1913 IMG_1911 IMG_1910 IMG_1909 IMG_1908 IMG_1907 IMG_1906 IMG_1905

I even learned a new trick: how to print a fabric label on my home printer right onto fabric! It worked great, and even survived the washing machine intact!


And here are a few pictures of the cutie-patootie herself!

lovea baby quilt 2 lovea baby quilt 3

thanks for reading! linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes.

bugs! baby quilt

bugs! baby quilt

After having made the dragonfly quilt for my June Project Quilting challenge, I still had quite a few bugs left on my panel. I also still had the bricks I cut out with intentions to use them in the dragonfly quilt. And I ALSO have a cousin who recently had a little baby girl. So you might be able to guess how this all worked out pretty well for her!

I haven’t finished the baby quilt yet, but am posting it here for you to see my progress, and to link up to yet another WIP Wednesday. I also think I will make it my July goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes to have this quilt finished and gifted by the end of the month.


So here’s a quick pic of what I’ve got so far:

lovea baby quilt

obviously I’ve got some cutting/piecing/squaring up to do, but so far I think I’m liking it even better than the dragonfly quilt I made for the original panel project! Feel free to click on the link if you’re curious as to what I did with that ;)

Thanks for reading!


more daylight pics of the dragonfly quilt!

more daylight pics of the dragonfly quilt!

I always like to get a nice picture of my quilts in natural light, so I took the dragonfly panel quilt out today to get some photos.

For a reference, here is the panel that I started with:


I thought about lots of different ways to go with this, but in the end was so in love with the green dragonfly panel that I decided to make it my centerpiece. (unfortunately the crappy pic above makes it look yellow). I was leafing through some quilting books for inspiration, and settled upon this quilt out of Material Obsession 2: It’s called Kismet.


But I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make one quite that big. I toyed with the idea of using the dragonfly for the center medallion, and then using the rest of the panel for borders. I even went so far as to cut up the rest of the panel into “bricks” for a border, but when I layed them out around the quilt, I wasn’t happy with it. Don’t worry, I fully intend to use them in my next project. You can see it HERE if you’re interested.

I also had a moment where I thought I would make smaller stars out of the smaller bug panels and place them randomly around the quilt. But again, I didn’t like it. I ended up using one of the smaller stars on the back of the quilt. So here is the finished product:


right next to my giant hostas — in full bloom no less! the quilt is appx 40″X40″ so that tells you how large those hosta leaves are!

here’s a couple close-ups of the dragonfly:


That second one really shows off the quilting. I am not 100% on my free-motion quilting skills yet, so I thought I was just wiggling around. After a bit I looked down and thought, “hey! I think that’s a stipple!” and so I think I stipple-quilted most of it. whatever it is, it was pretty fun!

I can’t resist putting in a close-up of this beautiful Anna Maria Horner print that I used for the star points.


I love poppies!

And here’s the back:


hanging from our dogwood tree. (I love my yard, can you tell?)

I used the left-over smaller star that I mentioned before, and a purple batik. I’m normally not a huge fan of batiks in such large doses, but this color complimented the front of the quilt so well, not to mention I had just enough of it in my stash…so no trips to the fabric store for me!

It’s kind of hard to see here, but I wanted to include this pic of the star on the back, because at this angle you can kind of make out the dragonfly echo-quilting I did on the front. I got a bit of a kick out of that.


So that’s my story on this one. Thanks for reading, and have a large day!







here is a sneak peak of my dragonfly quilt made for the “panel it” project quilting challenge. I really pushed up against the deadline this time, as it is about two hours from now and I just finished putting the binding on. so I can’t get the good daylight photos that I normally like to, but here’s some kitchen photos until I can get some better ones tomorrow. thanks to the hubby for being the “kitchen quilt holder.”

update: click here to see my post that includes the daylight pictures!

hope you enjoy!

dragonfly 1dragonfly 2dragonfly 3dragonfly 4

WIP wednesday

WIP wednesday

Today I’m linking up to Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts for Work In Progress Wednesday.

At the moment I have about a million WIPs in my sewing room, but today I think I will be focusing on two. I’m always working on a Project Quilting piece, and this month the off-season challenge is to use a fabric panel. Here’s the one I chose:



And here’s what I’ve done with it so far:

PQ panels 1not the best pic, but you get the idea.

it’s a really big star, about 32″X32.” I was originally inspired by this quilt from Material Obsession II


and I thought I would do a medallion-style quilt. But now I am thinking about using more of the bugs to make different sized stars, and the putting them all together somehow. We’ll see what happens!

The second project I’ve been focusing on is a one-block wonder, which is something I’ve recently become obsessed with. Using this tutorial, I started with this lovely fabric:

one block wonder 1

and ended up with some of these:

one block wonder 2

which are coming together nicely like this:

one block wonder 3

These two projects are complimenting each other nicely. Since the one-block wonder is a lot of repetition and not a lot of thought, I have been doing it while waiting to be struck with a lightning-bolt of inspiration for the other one.

Well I’m off to make some lunch. Hope you enjoyed my post!